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Mini-Oral Presentation
Pittman D, Carrieri C, Soares H, McKay J, Tan C, Liang J, Rakhe S, Marshall JC, Murphy J, Rupon J May 8, 2022 WFH 2022 Hemophilia
Oral Presentation
Debra Pittman July 9, 2022 ISTH 2022 Hemophilia
Patrick F Fogarty, Brinda K Tammara, Justin Smith, Delphine Agathon, Florence Ganne, Frank Plonski, Jeremy Rupon August 16, 2022 THSNA 2022 Hemophilia
John Teeter, Robert Charnigo, Nandini Cossons, Sangeeta Raje, Eunhee Hwang, Thomas Le Duigou August 25, 2022 NHF 2022 Hemophilia
Debra D Pittman, Charles Carrieri, Holly Soares, John McKay, Charles Tan, John Liang, Swapnil Rakhe, Jean-Claude Marshall, John Murphy, Jeremy Rupon August 26, 2022 NHF 2022 Hemophilia